People Analytics Trends 2023

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In our latest research, the Insight222 People Analytics Trends 2023 report, we delve into the evolving landscape of people analytics, drawing insights from over 270 companies, representing 4,800 practitioners and 16.3 million employees.

Our research discovered eight distinct characteristics that set Leading Companies apart from their peers. For a personalised insight into how your organisation stacks up against Leading Companies in People Analytics, we invite you to take advantage of our newly introduced Leading Companies diagnostic tool.

People Analytics Trends 2023 Report Key Findings


People analytics continues to grow despite a challenging global economy.


Measuring and delivering value, from people analytics efforts, is key for the impact of the function.


Developing relationships with C-suite and senior stakeholders is essential to deliver on key business priorities


There are eight defined characteristics that Leading Companies display to create impact.

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Our research has identified 8 distinct characteristics that set Leading Companies apart from their peers. These characteristics are categorised along two critical dimensions—Investment and Value.

Every people analytics function, in any organisation, can diagnose themselves against these 8 characteristics. Our Leading Companies Model will help you understand your current position and pinpoint the characteristics that will supercharge the impact you make.

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